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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Degradation of Humanism: Breaking Stereotype


      The journey from home to workplace & vice versa is not only about physical exhaustion but more about the dissolution of personality. We can’t describe it as the struggle, a struggle is more to do with temporary obstacles. We all are living/performing in two Trans in a single frame. Contrary to perceptions life outside is a bit easy in comparison to life within, it takes more than the assurance to please ourselves & only final effort counts.

“Inner core is the courage who keeps you relevant irrespective of how difficult will be the time”

     My intention is not to go hard on circumstances but more to do with degrading lifestyles. People don’t have much time for themselves & they still talking about conquering the world. These days it’s rare to have a healthy discussion within & so reflects on the personality as well. Glossy smile, people struggling with keeping patience, we rarely see off others, resistance to failures not by improving but through ignorance & of course imaginary social media life.

     I am not saying we were perfect in the past & we faltered now. In fact, it’s no exaggeration, If I say we are as stupid in past as we are now but with time we have lost humanism a bit, we have lost the art of self-realization & to share to express it with others. It was common in the past that we all have some story to tell irrespective of how mediocre we were. The success, the failures, the struggle, the regrets, the proud moments, the pinch & all of these laced together with emotions to form a meaningful life & we were no short of ideas to had a healthy discussion.

“Every life irrespective of how ordinary it is having many unfolds tales to tell…..


       I am not sure when we started thinking this way that unfolding ourselves with our close buddies would present ourselves weak. When we turn so diluted, that now the discussion is only limited to exaggerating self-epithet, politics & back-bitching of others, its plain negativity. Not sure how spreading negativity will help us to present ourselves in a stronger frame?

      On the contrary in process of proving ourselves superior to others, we are ignorant to inner voice & in the absence of soul's voice, we start believing that what negative illusion we are spreading outside is actually our inner voice. This is called “degradation of humanism”. Ironically we lost ourselves & turned into a feed data robotic machine which believes what we said, what we heard & what we interpreted are all true & in the interest of our family & our nation. We are celebrating this as festival & our soul is crying as we have lost our “strength of dissent”.



     I am having no shame in accepting that my two-year-old son is far more human than me. If you compare the behavioural aspects towards those poor’s to which even after sharing a penny or so & that’s too with some distance, I felt good about myself. My son is bit different, he even doesn’t care about protocols, the standards the hierarchy,  if someone shows his love irrespective of how poor it is my son don’t shy to show it back, he sits on his lap & pampers him i.e. unconditional love. He is filled with Ideas & never be shy about sharing/expressing them with us & don’t get mistaken it is not only about good things, but he also shares his stupidity, his failures, his struggles & most of all his naughty point of view.  It gives him a space to improve himself by getting feedback from our experiences.

     At this point, you all may think that how stupid I am to compare the adulthood with infant life as with time & age his behaviour & attitude to deal with different situations will change & I agree to it. That’s my point, why it happens?

    I have given two example first demonstrate our failure to understand humanity, most of the times giving money to beggars are not actually helping them but pulling them further towards deep dark reality of poverty & human trafficking, on the contrary side my son gestures show them the respect/love they deserve & it’s more about breaking stereotypes, it gives everyone a message that we all are on the same page begging is not an option & we all need to work hard to earn every penny.

        The second example shows us about our reality, most of us are all weak to acknowledge our struggle, failures, mistakes & only admits success & that creates an illusion of a perfection which we never were/are

“In process of achieving a single objective in outside world by ignoring our inner voice, we are unconsciously losing much more important battles within….

       It is not that hard to correct lifestyles, the only hard part is to take initiative. Talk to yourself more often & search for the solutions, doesn’t shy to express yourself with close buddies, admit your failures & work on them, rest your inner voice will keep you on the ground & more human.

“Living life is only for those who understand & conquer the conflicts within, whom able to see themselves in the mirror, otherwise we all know how it feels to take the breath & live like a machine…..


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