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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Believe me, you will not lose? Motivation


Digging into life, the biggest challenge we face is fear of failure (FOF). "Choor yaar lagta hai nahi ho payega, Jo kar raha hai karta chal". Sometimes "Bhai kismat kharaab hai", Next time “Bhai usne wo course kar rakha hai isne ye kar rakha hai, hume kaun puchega”. We always look into who are others? what others do? To find many more excuses. Why we never asked ourselves, who I am? My strength, my weakness, how can I improve? Why we forget, that most successful people and so-called fathers of inventions are mostly all school/college dropouts. They are able to do it, due to their positive attitude & talent.

Hum haar ke dar se, Kuch yun khoye rahe..
Manjil samne the, aur hum soye rahe..
Majboor thi Kismat bhee, kya deti sath humara..
Hum aankhein band karke, Yuhin naseeb par roye rahe......

Sometimes, we take ourselves too seriously, what if I failed? Everybody knows, nothing will happen but yes we will learn & grow & be a better man next time. Do most of us follow? No, why? It is due to fear of failure (FOF), we all know but don't want to understand this.

"One thing is as clear as crystal, Fear is not good for great"

We want instant results, Like "two minutes noodles", like "Crash course" "like boot camp” & many more. All fast food chains like Mac Donald’s, Dominos, and Subway are all beneficiaries of this weakness of us. Even during the first step, we are desperate to get the results, that is not because we are not aware of the process but due to the fact, we don't want to lose after giving that much time & efforts to it. We lack the patience to go through the tough times & improve ourselves.

"We need to understand every failure, looser & quitter has one thing in common, they ignored two most precious lessons of life... Persistence & Patience"

Due to FOF, we tried to do things in "safe way". "Yaar isko aise he karte hain, panga kaun le". "Leave it, Bhasad hai yaar, koi aur dekhega". Let me tell you, it is the most unsafe way to deal with this. We tend to start avoiding each & every opportunity & challenge which we believe is difficult & may prove out to be a failure. The result we never try, we never learn, we never improve, hence we never grow. A wise man once said:

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new"

Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with failure, in fact, it will help us to groom ourselves, it is nothing but the life experience, and it is the most precious jewel. We fail, we learn & we become wiser & we understand, then only we are able to implement what we want too.

"If necessity is the mother then for me failure is the father of all inventions"

Don't be afraid of failure just do what you love to do, you may fail, you may fall, people may laugh at you, you may feel down, you may cry but never quit. The positive side is you will feel good about yourself; you will be better & wiser man next time. Keep your competition with you, nobody else matters. There is no guarantee that you will succeed next time but yes you will perform better that is for sure.

"I am not in competition with anyone but myself, my goal is to learn & improve myself continuously"

If you still think, from where you will get the inspiration? Go nowhere, talk to yourself more often & you will feel less afraid of failure. A true man once said:

“Talk to yourself at least once in a Day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World.”


Still puzzled, here is your answer # I am a father, I observe my son carefully, I am seeing my son grow every day, what amazes me is that when he was infant he doesn't know how to move? he kicks his leg & tries to lap through with his arms. He failed 100 times but he never stops doing so, eventually, he mastered it. Then when he grows a little bit older, he doesn't know how to stand straight. even then, he tried his level best to run with a smile. As a caring father, I was afraid for him, he fell 1000 times, he cried, he gets injured but he never stop doing so & that's too with a smile & eventually, now he mastered how to run. He is not aware how to talk, but he is trying hard with his slangs "te taa, mu, mutu, dudoo, papa, mama, baba, dadi, duzoo, Dua, Nani, Sacha, lite, mankha, mansi, toot gaya & many more". He is giving his best, with all he has. He is just a rookie right now, knowing him so well, I am aware that surely & steadily he will master it as well. If my son(an infant), he knows nothing, he has no experience can do it. Why can't I? He is my inspiration. He is a fighter, Why can't I? I am his father, I will lead him by my example & I will give it all it takes to raise him good.

"Time may get tough but I smile knowing the fact I am stronger today, then I was yesterday & I will be stronger tomorrow, then I am today"

Since I have done mistakes, sometimes I lost miserably; nothing is expected of me, so why should I fear? I have no ego, I am always a beginner, and I am always ready to learn, as I am no one but a student of life. Always remember:

"I came here as no one, I have nothing to lose, everything here is an opportunity & WIN"


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