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Thursday, October 25, 2018

I Don't Fear Your Opinion, I Know Who I am

I Know Who I am

Do you ever realize, in our lives, most of the opportunities went unaddressed due to the fact that we are always conscious/fearful about what others will say or react to it? Before moving ahead, let's agree on the fact "fear is not good for success".

It is something which is fed to us, when we are growing as a child. It starts at home with Parents "Sharmaji ke bache dekho kitna padhte hain, ek tum ho cricket se subah aur cricket se shaam, fail hojaoge, Log kya kahenge(LKK), jag hasai karaoge". Same also haunt us during our school tenure when our teachers compare us with other studious students (If we are not top notch) of our class & say see how they are doing & then see how you are doing, "Zindagi me kuch karna hai ya yehi karna hai jo kar rahe ho, apne parents ko kyon dhoka de rahe ho & others in class start whispering, Ganda baccha". If we are good at studies then the fear of expectations (teachers/parents) & what others will say will always be there. The movie named "Taare Zameen Par" is an excellent example. Instances may change but somewhere down the line; it may end up covering the story for everyone.

Down the line, when we grow as an adult, we always have that LKK syndrome playing in the background & now the circumstances will be different. Now we are more conscious about how we look? How we behave? How is it to react like this/like that? What do others think about it? What others say about it? While trying to play safe, we start doing the thing which doesn't come to you naturally & it is obvious that we are not good at it. We start doing mistakes & creating trouble for us & down the line we even go more conscious about these things.

We might be good in singing/dancing/writing/sports & we may be passionate about it but we never seriously tried to have a career on this as if I fail "log kya kahenge, parent’s ke expectations ka kya hoga". So to avoid it, we again play safe with our career & try to have a decent job i.e. Naukri & that is the end of our constructive vision, because at that time we like something else & just to avoid "hard way", doing something which we don't want to do & don't have any vision about it.

Next stage, we grew older as be Man/Woman, We feed the same to our children & they do what is expected of them.

Reading all of you may argue with me that I am exaggerating the facts & dragging it too long. I know everything mentioned above is not applicable to everyone but again by giving multiple examples, I tried to touch maximum individuals I can. It is a generic problem & better to call it a syndrome or taboo. It will make us a different individual all together which we never want to be. Trust me even then other will say what they have too & you will be fearful all your life just because to avoid that altercation.

Some of you may advocate the fact that what is wrong with it? we have a settled life, we are earning good & we also are able to maintain a good work/life balance & tumhare paas koi kaam nahi hai sivaye ungli karne ke. Ok, I have a counter question then, what is the difference between us & animals? they are also doing what is good for their survival & we are no different, just by virtue of looking different do we have the right to call us human? I don't consider it as determining factor. With this attitude, we don't dare to call us as superior species. Our Ancestors not by looks but by creation by innovation by thinking by using their brains, by their daring nature & continuous efforts proven our-self as superior species over others.

Who I am

A few years back, I was no different & faced the same problem; I was reserve & even shy sometimes. It is more to do with consciousness syndrome "LKK" although I was doing good as per whatever expectation I was having that time but somewhere inside I was unwell, I was burning like a volcano, I was flowing like a river but from outside its all normal/safe like a deep ocean at the shore.

During that phase with time I realized "when I am less strained with expectation, I always deliver more". Self-realization is the key, it was the missing link & it will solve most of our problem & kill that "LKK syndrome". One wise man & that's me once said: "Till the time you don't take yourself seriously don't expect from others, think highly of yourself as everyone will believe you if you challenge them to their limits".

Problem is we don't give time to self, we tried to give our opinion in each & everything & conscious about the same from others as well but most of the times we are not brave enough to listen to our inner core. We need to understand our self-first. I always said, "Either you fear or you dare, the choice is always yours". We need to understand "who I am".

I choose the hard way, I decided to check my limits, if I will give a design, It will be without a single flaw, If I have to take a stand for what I believe, I will take, If I want to blog, I will blog, If I want to express feeling in Shayari, I will do Shayari, If I have to do counselling for someone, I will surely do it. What do others think about it? What their opinion is? Or what others will say about it? I couldn't even give damn to it.

I know I am pretty good whatever I am doing & whatever I will do & I will keep challenging myself to check my limits & one thing is pretty sure "Sky is the limit".

We need to understand "If we have some passion, we need to protect it & need to work on it to improve it even better. Others who have any business about it & what they never able to achieve in their life will try to discourage us, try to demotivate us, again the onus is always on us how we take care of our thoughts & how mentally strong we are to deal with it & keep moving forward.

The catch is "always take care of your thoughts, sooner or later you will definitely finish the line as a winner at least in your own eyes".

I always believe, "Time may get tough but I will smile knowing the fact, I am stronger today then I was yesterday & I will be stronger tomorrow then I am today".

I am loving my life, I spend time with me & that is why I am aware who I am :)

Who I am

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