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Thursday, October 25, 2018

It is hard to be a Man, Really ??

Hard to be a Man

As a male child (gender specific), We have born perfectly fine but when we grow with age down the line, we fantasies by the term "Manliness". Unknowingly, the very first thing which comes to our mind in relation to it is we are male; hence we must possess every quality to gain "Manliness". While trying to achieve so, we always keep on adding taboos to it, like man has no fear, man cannot cry/man shed silent tears, man does not show his pain, being manly we must borrow the load of everything, man cannot fail or made mistakes, life is a battlefield & man need to keep on fighting till he won & man is this/that & many more.

Keeping above things in mind, it seems really difficult to be a Man, let’s work on facts:

The man has no fear # It is perfectly fine to have some fear, I am quoting Karna from Mahabharata:

When Shalya(Sarthi of Karna) asked Karna don't you get fear by seeing roar of Arjuna Gandeev(Arc), Karna replied yes I am fearful while seeing Chariot driven by four white horses, Arjuna as fighter, Krishna as his Charioteer but my fear is keeping me conscious, awake & motivating me to fight with the best I have.

Hard to be a Man

Man cannot cry/Man shed silent tears# It is perfectly fine to show off your emotions with your loved ones, once in a while. Keep them beside you, they are the most precious jewel you ever have & they are with you in your thick & thins for a reason. Show them your love & affections & yes your emotions as well. They will motivate you & when two or more brains work together results will come.

Man does not show his pain# You are not built of Iron, you are human & there is nothing wrong in being a human. You can show your pain, the only thing that matters is how you get up & react to it that will seal your fate.

Being manly we must borrow the load of everything# Yes if you are single but if you have a family & you are doing so, then you are fooling yourself. Your parents will always guide you in the right way, you will not go wrong even a bit if you keep listening to their advice. If you are married, your wife will always be your best supporter & your worst critic, you must understand that we called her our better half for some reason, you must share & see the change.

Man cannot fail or made mistakes# it is the biggest joke of the decade, Albert Einstein once said: "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new". You must do made mistakes to learn & to understand.

Life is a battlefield & Man need to keep on fighting till he won# Yes, life is a battlefield but you must remember that we are human & we have our limits while keeping our self always in switch on mode make us tired/exhaust quickly. We cannot win our life battle in such a way. In order to maintain continuity, we must maintain a balance. We can't keep our self-switched on every time, we have to realize when to switched on & when to switched off & then when to switch on again. We need to enjoy life, we need to see the sunshine, nothing harms to have laughed to crack jokes & to see this beautiful world in relaxing mode.

You need to understand that we are no "16 kala sampoorna" i.e. only Lord Vishnu, We are not the Ironman either. We are humans & our fate is not dependent on taboo like this. Our fate totally depends on how tough we are mentally, how long we resist & how we learn from our failures/experiences, keep faith in your dreams & believe yourself!!

I am aware that now some of you will find, all my reasoning above highly debatable & you might say that I am exaggerating the facts or showing fanaticism over reality but again the word "Manliness" is itself a fanaticism term on its own. At last Be Normal & act as a human!!

Hard to be a Man

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