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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Politics, Media & We the Idiots

Politics, Media & We the Idiots

Synopsis: This article is giving an insight into today’s degrading standards of politics & media. It also digs deeper to find the actual reason behind our overall loss of commitment as citizen towards our motherland. I concluded it with a path to improve the current situation through a different perspective.

Politics, Media & We the Idiots

“This article is from a common man to our politicians & media houses.  We know you all play “Eyes Spies” pretty well but we are awake” J

I hope you all felt, that the days get hotter, boiling mercury, rising temperature all indicating towards one thing i.e. change in weather.  Contrary, did you also noticed dramatic changes in politics? Yes, your instinct is right, we the biggest democracy in the world are going into elections in a few months.

Election time, it’s time for us as the citizens of this great country to show our power. Our emotions, our anger gets together to cast our vote & select a good government to serve our motherland for the next five years. Which eventually helps in continuous growth & prosperity of our country & us, right? Yes, we believe so, at least it is our part of the story.

“Tricky part: this fairytale is never that easy” J

It seems pretty simple, what’s the problem?  Well, the problem is the other part of the story i.e. the politicians, which eventually are our leaders & they are the one who actually contests in elections & finally have the opportunity to serve for country & keep our faith.

Again, where is the problem? In my view, our weak commitment blend with corrupt political vision is the problem. Politicians see elections as a game as a war to rule to run to establish themselves to feel that ultimate power. Keep it simple elections are no fairytale but a tactical game & politician’s tries to play with our minds.

Have you ever dig, how we make our mind to cast our vote in the first place? Who are these politicians? Are we that stupid that any tom, dick or harry will come & able to play with our minds?

Ideally during casting our votes decision need to be based on facts i.e. when we select our government, we need to observe it & it’s opposition for the next five years on the basis of its overall performance, its progression on its agendas, its stake on right to speak, freedom of press, sense of safety in the mind of every citizen irrespective of its religions within our democratic society i.e. secularism. In addition to it, no loose talks, maintain a discipline & act responsibly in social space as it directly impacts us & our society.

Do we follow this while logging our vote? No, shame on us. Let’s at least agree to disagree that we are complete emotional fools. We called ourselves educated & still get provoked by politically motivated thrash talks. We make our mind while getting spoon feed from media houses, WhatsApp, the political party drove groups/websites & spread that rumours further through our social spaces without a single effort of fact checking against the same. Our FB/Twitter/Instagram/WhatsApp posts are filled with party agendas with communalism, pseudo nationalism, pseudo-secularism, communists, national vs anti-nationalist, right/left/centre wings, shivering of Pakistan, fake news etc. 

What’s wrong with us? What are we doing for our better future & for our country? Where are we, in our own social space?  Our corrupt politicians are spending crores & crores of money on spreading fake propagandas, Ironically we are helping them by buying & selling it for free through our own social spaces. We are arguing, fighting, drawing line within our own society & smiling on our own debacle.

Who are these politicians? They might be corrupt, dirty, liars, planners, plotters, cheaters but you don’t disagree that they are one of us, our leaders are as good as we are.

We are weak, greedy & self-centred people, even when we think about our motherland, we do so by keeping ourselves as the centre of everything. Please understand, our country will only cherish when we leave our “I” & start using “We” as an epicentre at least on social causes.

Now the question arises, How these politicians or the media houses get the strength to run fake propagandas on bright daylight & completely decomposing the real common man issues? Its answer is simple to understand but hard to digest, we the idiots are their strength. We are happily celebrating our own misery & demise of “Voice of dissent”.

Coming back to elections, ohh yes, what are the real issues? Is it North Korea submarine, Hindu in danger, Muslim in danger, right/left/centre wing, reservation, Indo-Pak war, Gandhi Dynasty or the Ram Mandir?

“Where are we in the real issues under official agendas of political parties? First, we need to respect ourselves & then only we can expect respect from others”

Mark my words, if this election will going to be contested on these random, self-created, agenda driven based fake issues then whoever wins we will eventually lose.

The only solution is to raise your “voice”, stop celebrating political drama & start condemning fake/propaganda driven news & grill them. That will force these political parties to prioritise our issues in their agendas & contest the election on that only. In turn, it will also trigger a sense of urgency between their own parties to perform at least on those issues to showcase it on next election in front of us.

“If things will go this way, whoever tom, dick or harry win this election, we eventually come out as the real winners J

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