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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Survival Of The Fittest, Why ??


I found this as an interesting topic & it seems to be the ultimate truth of life, but is it actually? Let's try to dig deeper & find out.

Survival # On first look, it reflects the fight for existence, It gives us a healthy feeling of competition. It feels good to fight & to succeed. Its approach is aggressive & of an optimist.

If you look into most of the theories based on life, those theories always come to the conclusion that in this world those survive or exist who are the strongest, fittest, Quickest & sharpest.

One of the most popular theories in Science is Darwin theory. Consider as a Landmark in the "Evolution of Science".

Darwin Theory Conclusion-- Survival of the fittest.

The logic behind Darwin theory-- They have the vision, they have the speed & they have the power.

Is it the ultimate truth? If yes, then the percentage of fittest is less than 1%, then what the rest 99% will do. Most of us are not the fittest, not the quickest, not have that much vision & by no mean the strongest.

If we go by above theory, it is pretty much clear that most of us are not supposed to do things in a big way, we are not supposed to tackle difficult situations & neither supposed to be a part of revolution, which is/will be responsible to force people to think or work in a different way or to change the existing mindset/pursuit.

I respect this theory & I agree that it is partially true but it is not the complete truth. Nature is always fair & square with everyone; Fate doesn't do partiality.

Why these theories always look to one end of the coin, where is the other end? It seems these theories are inspired by Hindi movie Sholay. It looks, the author love to play with Jai coin before practising these theories.


Like everyone, I also have my point of views to prove worthy of my words. I completely believe in the story of tortoise & the rabbit, I also firmly believe in the movie named as "Rocky". As per survival theory, portrayed characters on those stories were bound to lose, they supposed to show their back & get the hammering but that never happened. My point of having belief on both of them is not only because they won their respective battles but, also because they were able to overcome their fear/challenges & as underdogs they kept on fighting till the very end irrespective of the odds. Due to all this, they were able to beat those who were Quicker, stronger & sharper than them.

Above reasoning shows, "one who never give up, more often than not wins, Irrespective of the ability of the opponent".

The logic behind my reasoning- Nature is such that nobody in this world is perfect, everyone has their own flaws. The strongest is not the fittest; fittest is not the quickest & true for all other qualities as well. Even the abilities of a genius are limited to a particular trait.

How is it helpful for us rest/average people?  In this competitive life, we need to prepare us as per the best of our abilities & always keep in mind that we need to fight until the very last. We need to believe that even against the people who are very best in their traits, we have our chance.

If we believe on above, what will go to happen?  Everyone will start their respective battle/competition with their strength, you will definitely get the hammering at the beginning against the more stronger opponent but if you keep your never die attitude with you & if you hang on & doesn't lose your focus. Your stronger challenger may get frustrated & may deviate from his strength/game plan & try to do things differently. That will be your chance to try to pull that game in your favour, you will succeed more often than not.

So next time if some of those people don't believe in you. Call you an average/mediocre, don't feel disheartened, just give them a warm smile & prepare for the situation. "Always remember that your actions will always roar louder than your words".

"Existence & survival are not patents to them who are the Quickest, the strongest & not even to them who are the fittest but only those survive/exist who never give up & who actually believes that they can & they will make a difference"


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