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Friday, November 9, 2018

Life, Gambling & We the Star

Life, Gambling & We the Star

When life is all about ifs & buts, definitely our life is failing with excuses. It's too simple to understand it, basic funda is to try, fail, learn, understand & then try again. Yes, that's it, it's that simple.

Come on but no one finds it that simple, yes that's right too, simply because most of us don't understand this funda & legends don't care :)

Everyone wants to be a hero in his/her own life & again it is thrilling to have a life just like an action/masala movie. Who wants to watch a "documentary"? Even the "biopics" in today's generation are filled with masala & action. If we are that much allergic to real life movies then how can we accept a dull/plain life?

Of course, we want to treat our life as a movie, in which we are the Star, yes that's right that Bigggg Starrrr...

It's lame, we the star are having problems with the movie script Oops with our life. Now the star within us wants to be a scriptwriter too, yes its mesmerizing to be an allrounder. We need to play with the script/life now, as we want to make our life a thrilling masala movie.

Every then & now we start taking chances & gambling with life is the way to go. 

The only problem it has is the original director, GOD. God doesn't play dice & he even doesn't believe in those, who believe in gambling. The reason is pretty basic to understand, God is 16 Kala Sampurna & doesn't make mistakes. Someone who doesn't commit mistakes, never have the opportunity to learn from them & hence he doesn't understand & if someone doesn't understand obviously will not able to do a favour for us even in case he wants too.

God is more like "Shyam Benegal" & help us with pure movies like "Ankur" or "Bharat Ek Khoj". With all our fantasies we want to make "Sabse bada Khiladi" & seriously its neither his cup of tea & nor he is interested in it. Too many conflicts & god decided to left our movie & in the absence of the director, producers to pull their hands from this project.

Now with all our ego, we are like who cares, I am a star & yes a big starrrrrr...

We are all alone to work in this project/movie but even then we keep our head high as we never compromised with our ideas & fantasies, till the point, we realise that it is not a movie but our life damned & we screwed it up.

Life, Gambling & We the Star

Life is not a dream but a reality & we find it too complex & dark to live with. Now we wish that its all may turn out to be a bad dream & we surely wake up & have that simple life again. As Galib said:

Hazaron Khwahishen Aise Ke Har Khwaish Pe Dum Nikle.. Bahut Niklay Mere Armaan Lekin Fir Bhe Kum Nikle...

With all broken dream & fearing reality, we will find evaporation of our ego & then we finally realise "what is photosynthesis". Now "Khatron Ke Khiladi" become "Ramu Kaka" & instead of conflicting with God using dialogues "Mai tujhse kuch nahi mangta" our newly crowned "Ramu Kaka" will complain "Why me God, why me(Mai he kyunnnnnn)...

"It's God turn & now he will not give a damn to it, he seriously doesn't care. The only kind words which enchant our ears are "you deserve it MF...

But you see once a star is always a star, failing is not final. We have our own excuses for each & everything, again as I said life is all about ifs & buts for a failure.

Life, Gambling & We the Star

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