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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Letter to MJ(Wife), Breaking Stereotype

Dear MJ,

The best thing happen to me is to born & brought up in my family but that's not my decision i.e. by God Grace. Indeed, I can take credit of the next best thing happened to me & that's selection of you as my life partner. Let's brutally honest about myself, I was restless with lots of ideas but less in patience to understand, how to get them executed? 
I was searching for stability in my life & in turn messing it all up. Thanks to you for letting me understand that "a good meaningful life is like climbing a mountain only having up & down's with no stable surface, searching stability in life is no different than dropping from mountain to a valley i.e. running away from life".
I am having no shame in calling you my better half as you indeed is my better half. I was nobody in past and truly I am nowhere close to perfection now but whatever little I am able to achieve today in my personal or professional life is because of you & parents, you provided me that confidence, I don't have to worry much about anything other than my ideas & work. I know & I believe that you will take care of everything else like day to day obstacles within the family, food, others expectations, relationships, social life etc. You are that good & that's too you are doing it, without any complain i.e. Unconditional Love. 
You have given your love & respect to my family & accepted it as your own & that is/was acknowledged within the family & everyone admires you. I am also thankful to you for our beautiful naughty son & we both are trying our best to raise him well, although it is not even needed to be put in here but I have too, on that front also you are playing a better role than me.
A relationship is not all about daylight, we also have our dark as well. We fight for even the silliest of the things & later discuss it & have a laugh together. This is the learning curve of life & all that's put together make it meaningful. The striking thing about myself is I am the most eccentric person you ever get & that's too seems to be an understatement but credit to you for still treating it as nothing & keeping it simple & plain.
What I said above is no exaggeration but the complete truth. We both have mutual love & respect for each other. You are doing much more than what I had done for you but that doesn't mean, that I love you or respect you any less, everyone has its own calibre to express & perform, I hope you understand what I mean......
You help me to understand everything can be achieved but with a condition that you have the right state of mind & when you truly believe that you can pull this off.

"Perfection is all about learning & understanding from imperfection. A man is not called a man till the point he is brave enough to acknowledge & understand his shortcomings...

Thank you my better half & lover still, "MJ".............

Your Everloving Stupid Husband

@Viv Amazing Life

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